Missing Leader

One of our adults is missing from the roster… She was there before the update, I think. Does anyone know what might make this happen? I can’t find her in the search even though I have her BSA ID. She is still on our roster in my.scouting.

BSA ID 134581870

Edit: Well, found another ID 137169958 for her for our council. Can we get her back in Scoutbook with our unit? I still can’t find her in roster search to add her myself.

The first one is in Del Mar Va council. The second is in Central Georgia Council. I believe they are both her based on having the same email address. Which council are you in?

Both of her children have duplicate accounts too.

I merged the duplicates for mom and the scouts, assuming you are central Georgia Council, which appears to be the case based on current registrations. Dad also has a duplicate account, but I’ll send you a private message on that.

Thanks! She is not showing back in Scoutbook yet, in our roster or in the search. Do I wait 24 hours or do I need to do something to add her back in as an adult leader?

Yes, search for her by email address to add her back

It says no record found. Her profile show the correct ID and Central GA council.

I searched myself and my husband with names and emails and we don’t show up either. I searched a few adults by name only in my council but not unit and they don’t show either.

We just did a position sync on her today, so you might need to wait for an overnight process to run and for everything to sync up completely.

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