Parent and Adult leader access issues

I have 2 issues I need assistance with. A parent has reached out to advise that she cannot access her son’s scoutbook account. Her member ID is : 13038893 CouncilBuffalo Trace 156. Her scouts’s member # is 127839291. I have them connected in scoutbook so I am unsure as to what if anything I need to do on my end. She tried to reach out for assistance and posting in the forum but it told her that her account could not be used to post a questions via the forums ?

2- The second issue I have is while I am working on getting my current treasurer documented and in scoutbook for scout accounting updates she is trying to keep up with all of the documentation using her husband’s account. He is an assistant scoutmaster. He shows to have full control for all documentation but yet she is reporting that the “Add” item in the payment log is greyed out and inaccessible. Why would this be? I would think that all users with full control have access to do this if need be on the fly, ie at camp or if the designated member is not around and they are filling in for them.

Any assistance you could provide with these 2 issues would be greatly appreciated.


on issue one - it is a little messed up - that MID is her (I think) but it is her son’s name

@LeneWalters issue one is fixed

not all leaders have access to payment log - I think Admins and treasurer do - maybe secretary

We’re having a similar issue here in Los Angeles (Council 33). Parent can’t access her Scoutbook account. Her BSA ID is 131476170, Scoutbook User ID 11377401. Her Scout’s BSA ID is 131476169. There may be a problem with the Scout’s account as well–the Scoutmaster can only connect as a MBC.

@NancyHodgkiss Nancy, I sent you a private message.

Well while we are on a roll fixing leader account issues, I have one more.
BSA ID # 13612970 w user ID 11467185.

  1. Email entry says “changemyemail…” she tried but can’t because the system says there is already an account using the email. When I log in as admin and try to find the account based on her email “” it says no account exist.
    I believe her IDs are correct and she can log in. Is there a way on your end to change the email address, or find the account that is using it so we can get it removed?
  2. Also, she said her login ID was entered with a typo. she wants it to be steelred13, but it is steekred.
  3. finally, her name is in the system with lower case for first and last name which bothers her. Can that be fixed?

Thanks in advance for the help today.

1 & 3 are fixed - 2 we cannot change

For 2, your local council might be able to fix it.


pretty sure only national can fix that

Mr Donovan McNeil,

You were referred to me by a professional at Council.

Prior to today, Troop 777B, KMS, Brownsville, TX, with a charter that expires on 1/31/2022, in the Tip-O-Tex District, under the Rio Grande Council (775) had 13 Adults paid up, registered, and listed accurately on our SB adult roster. Today, only 6 appear and the rest have disappeared.

Why, and can you please help make these names reappear?



@COL_Ret_RobertMacEac I am going to erase your post for Privacy and start a direct message - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

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