Date Joined for Adult Leaders

I am looking for the dates of when leaders joined. I asked my council office and they said there wasn’t a report for that. I see there is for Scouts but I am looking for leaders. Can someone please assist with finding a report or is that a feature request on another category?



I do not think a report like this exists. You could ask your local council to submit a ticket to National requesting such a report be added to my.Scouting.

Units could use the “Unit Advancement Details Report” (at my.Scouting). This report can be accessed in the Roster, by:

  1. Selecting an individual.
  2. Clicking on “Print”.
  3. Clicking on “Unit Advancement Details Report”.

A limitation of this report is that it would only have information associated with registrations under that BSA member ID number.

For older Scouts, there is a data field in Scoutbook for older Scouts called “Date Joined [Program]” (Scouts BSA / Venturing / Sea Scouts). But it is used as a filter for some reports, such as the OA Eligibility Report.

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but:—> Login —> Click on menu in top left —> Click on Roster —> “Check” the box of the registered adult —> Click the down arrow where it says “Print V” —> Click Unit Advancement Details

Under “Position, Program, BSA Org” it will list the month/year that they started in all positions. Find the earliest one and there you go. This is how I keep track of the entire pack’s service stars records. However, you will have to do it one by one, it won’t let you do multiple.