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Duplicate Adult accounts in Scoutbook

I have an adult parent that has registered as a Merit Badge Counselor.
He has two Scoutbook accounts.

  1. Fist account has his correct email address and he can manage his profile and has his valid memberID, but he doesn’t have MBC options.
  2. Second account has the bogus “changemyemail@scoutbook.com” address and a grayed out blank BSA member ID. This account is searchable in the MBC list.
    We need help getting these accounts merged or fixed. Local Council says they cannot help with Scoutbook glitches and apparently there is no helpdesk for Scoutbook??
    Please help!

I will send a direct message to get info - look at avatar at top right to find it

I’m having a similar problem. We have a parent who has two Scoutbook accounts.

  1. First he was a parent and his email address is set up in that account.

  2. Now he has become a den leader and has a second account with a different BSA member ID and an email address of changemyemail@scoutbook.com, but every time I try to change his email address to his actual email address, I get an error message. I tried to delete the account, but it’s telling me that I can’t because it has advancement rights.


@LaurenBonsall I sent you a private message for more information.

I am also having this issue with my Unit’s account. We have 11 adults who have duplicate profiles and one leader who cannot change her BSA number to the correct account because it says that her number is in use in another account. I would like to know how to rectify this issue and prevent it from occurring in the future. Most of these adults have multiple children in the unit and I presume that this is part of the issue. Thank you!

@DanielleTabbert There are different ways in which adults commonly get multiple BSA member numbers. One way is that an adult is registered as a Lion or Tiger Adult Partner and gets assigned a BSA member number, but does not realize it. Later on, the adult registers as a leader and gets a new BSA member number in the same council.

In most cases, an adult can fix the issue themselves by logging in at my.scouting, and then:

Menu -> Manage Member ID

If the adult is a registered leader, then they need to designate that BSA member number associated with the adult leader role as “primary”.

If Manage Member ID does not resolve the issue, then the next step would be to go to your local council.

How to prevent it in the future: At the bottom of the BSA adult application, be sure to include any known BSA member numbers, so that your council knows about them. Also, in my.scouting try to use the same name that you would use on the application (for example: John vs. “Jack”, or Elizabeth vs. “Liz”, etc.), because the computer system is looking for matches (names, DOBs, zip code, etc.).

Thank you, that is very helpful I will forward this information along to the leader in question. Can you also please answer my question regarding duplicate adult profiles in scoutbook?

@DanielleTabbert Are they showing up on your unit Roster page twice or is it a different issue?

Only one parent is duplicated in our roster. The rest just have multiple accounts within scoutbook which are confusing for them and us. Is there a help line I can call to work though this live?

@DanielleTabbert I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

We have a duplicate parent account that was created overnight Saturday by Member update. How do I have it removed?

Details - Mom did online registration for her daughter.

  1. To assist mom in not creating a new account for herself, I emailed her BSA ID# to her.
  2. Mom successfully registered her daughter. Let’s call her Lucy.
  3. Mom attempted to have Dad be the Lion Adult Partner.
  4. Dad is an Assistant Den Leader for a Bear den, so already has an account.
  5. Mom was successful in creating a new account for Dad (same email / date of birth /sex), but the account name was Lucy.
  6. Sunday, these accounts post to My.Scouting and Scoutbook.
  7. I move Lucy to her den, and attach both real parent accounts to her.
  8. Lucy (scout) now has three attached adults - mom, dad, and Lucy (adult)(with “changeyouremail” and a BSA ID#).
  9. Monday, I realize I can edit Lucy (adult) email in My.Scouting. It is @gmail, so I add +opps before the @.
  10. Tuesday, the changed email did not migrate to Scoutbook, so I edited Lucy’s Scoutbook email to match My.Scouting (adding +opps). Lucy (adult) email no longer conflicts with Dad.
  11. Called our assistant registrar about the My.Scouting accounts.
  12. She changed the Lucy (adult) account name to Dad’s name and merged it into Dad’s original account. And made Dad a Lion Adult Partner for Lucy.
  13. Wednesday, My.Scouting no longer shows the extra account for Dad. Dad is now a Lion Adult Partner and still an ADL.
  14. Scoutbook still has the extra account, but the name is now Dad.

@DougWright I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil. The duplicate account was removed in a matter of minutes after I replied to his direct message. :grin:

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