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Changing Position Using Online Application

With all of the enhancements to the online application process in late 2020, has there been any thought about allowing a position change (w/i the same unit) via the online application process? (Note: not exactly a new topic, but given all of the recent improvements, it may be worth revisiting) . Obviously, the current process (at least it seems for most councils) is that a new PAPER Application is required to change position OR you can wait until Recharter to make the position changes (this assumes the person changing positions is already a properly registered adult leader with current YPT and an updated Criminal Background Check form). While it is probably most proper to get the application submitted at the time of the position change, the reality is that the Asst Scoutmaster that becomes the SM in May, probably won’t be officially changed until recharter time in Oct-Dec. If the online application could be used to simply “reapply” within the same unit in a different position, the COR or COR Delegate would still need to approve the application (so there is still that desired level of oversight), but the official position change could happen almost instantly. Seems like it would be a rather intuitive function for the online app process. As it is now, it is easier to change troops (via online application) than it is to change a position within a troop (still requiring a hard copy app, tracking down signatures, and additional council processing).

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There is a position manager in the next month or so. See BSA Technology Update Q&A dtd March 8, 2021 - My Scouting Tools - Scouting Forums

Yes this should satisfy this need.

A little more on this:

The next “new section” to be introduced in My.Scouting is called Position Manager and it will replace Org Security Manager. It should be out later this spring or summer and will allow a COR or designee to change any and all adult registrations other than the COR. No new application (paper or online) will be needed. In addition, all the functional position will be managed in this too. It’s a drag and drop interface.

This does not replace new registrations and all the requirements for that, Adult applications will still be managed in application manager.

Before this is released more information will be sent out.


Great news on the soon-to-be-released Position Manager, and its much needed functionality. Thanks for the update.

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This will be amazing and a huge plus for committee chair and registrar who right now have to deal with such paperwork.