Lost 4 adult leaders after latest update

BSA # 134762742
BSA# 136853285
BSA# 13655421
BSA# 134762738

I searched by email, BSA and name on nothing showed up. I would appreciate the help.


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None of those BSA #'s have registrations - the adults need to apply - or maybe they have 2 #'s - talk to council

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I too lost an adult leader BSA# 130042792 but he does have a secondary # (136124175) but he doesn’t use and can’t reset the password to the latter one.

@WilliamChe BSA member number 136124175 is the primary number for this adult leader. His Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Please ask him to log in at my.scouting with his username and password. Then he should be able to log in at Scoutbook using the same my.scouting username and password.

Any chance the other ID, #130042792, can be used instead? Reason is his YPT and other training is logged under that number vs. the one ending in 4175.

If he logs into my.scouting.org and clicks menu > manage member ID. He should be able to add the other number and set it as primary. After about a day, that’ll have his training too.

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Thank you very much. He was able to login.

I am the Advancement Chair for Pack 76 and suddenly I have lost access to all Scouts except my own son. What do I need to do? BSA Member# 12938613

@BrianneThompson - looks like your Admin position ended - one of your SB unit Admins just needs to start it up again for you

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