Adult leaders removed due to April 12th update cannot be added back as leaders

I have an adult leader that was removed with the April 12th update (which I assume was because of an incomplete YPT). The adult leader completed the training after April 12th to bring his YTP training back up to date.

Despite this, I cannot search for the adult to add as a leader in Scoutbook. I’ve tried every combination of Name/Email/MemberID# with no result. The adult is not showing up in my roster on MyScoutOrg. How do I fix this? The memberID# in the adult’s Scoutbook profile that’s tied to his scout matches the memberID# from the printed YPT certificate.

what is the MID for the user and we can look

If he is not on your roster at (which I am sure he is not if he had no YPT) then he is simply NOT registered. The individual has to fill out the paperwork to be registered

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How can an adult leader NOT be registered if I filled out the original adult leader app a few years ago and re-chartered this adult every year since?


This DL position ended 9/30/2020 - his YPT ended 9/4/2020 - so last recharter he was not rechartered

Thanks for looking that up. How does a den leader get updated if there’s a lapse in coverage?

talk to council - they probably need a new application


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