Dropped Adult Leaders

Added a reply to an earlier thread on the same topic but received no response. I have two adult leaders that I think have multiple ID’s that were dropped in last weeks purge:


Both are active with current YPT and they both have comittee positions but when I try to locate and add them as adult leaders, it says they are not active.

First one has never been a registered leader and I see no duplicate account
Second one, that is a deleted MID (retired), I found another 12756753 - but it has no registrations

A Key 3 can look at my.scouting.org and roster if you really think they are registered and you might find a MID I did not see

Hi Donovan,

Thank you for the reply. The first one (136204892) sent me a copy of her YPT certificate with that MID, so they must have registered to perform the certification.

And I don’t understand why the second one (1356521) was retired in the first place as they are a current and active adult leader; both are. I am a key 3 member (committee chair) and have attempted to look up registrations on my.scouting.org but neither shows as having an active registration to add back in.

#1 - Registering has nothing to do with generating an MID or taking YPT. Simply creating an account on my.scouting.org gives you a MID so you can take YPT - that user has never filled out an adult application

#2 - I think you just answered your own question

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Donovan, you are correct in that the first member ID has not actually filled out an application. The second MID issue however, is that it should never have been dropped in the first place, so that does not answer my question.

Why were they dropped when their application was submitted, approved and update in January along with our recharter paperwork, why were they dropped and what do I need to do to get that account re-registered? We’re operating a fairy small crew right now and I can’t afford to have our treasurer locked out of their own account.


These are questions neither Donovan nor any other SUAC member can answer. You will need to contact your council registrar and ask.

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Understood, thank you.

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