Please merge two accounts for same adult leader

135069088 seems to have good Scoutbook records
137236597 is showing up in my recharter roster

Maybe I should just ask for my roster to replace x597 with x088… can you do that? I tried to add Existing Member to my roster, but it says I have the wrong name/DOB (disagree). When I look at the profile in Scoutbook, I get errors. Something is definitely up with this user’s account(s).

137236597 is the correct BSA member number. 135069088 was a deleted BSA number.

Please ask the adult leader to please log in at my.scouting and double-check his e-mail address there:

Menu → Profile

And then scroll down to the blue “Contact” section.

He says everything is showing up now, but it still shows that his YPT is expired. He sent me this screenshot on the 3rd showing that it was completed. Can you fix that YPT status?

I think what happened is that he was logged in with a deleted BSA member number set as “primary”. As a result, the training that he took did not record properly.

We do not have the ability to change training (we have view only).

You can contact your District Commissioner, District Executive, or District Training Chair about what to do. Or if you feel comfortable, you should be able to add it at my.scouting using the Training Manager:

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