Adult not found in search

I have a registered adult in my Pack who wants to be a Den Leader. He has been a Den Leader at a previous Pack before. When I use the search function, he doesn’t show up:

BSA ID 12876242
User ID 10020459
We’ve sent registration papers to Council twice and nothing happens in ScoutBook. He shows up in my.scouting though and he’s even recently done some extra training there.

Can anyone at Scoutbook have a look at this and see what the problem is?

Thank you very much

This user is not currently registered under this name and DOB - where do you see him on my.scouting? is there a different BSA#?

In ScoutBook he’s one of the parents of BSA ID 137129832. If I go into his profile there his email is listed as and his BSA Member ID is 12876242.
If I go to my.scouting >> Menu >> BSA Web Links >> Training Validation and search by that same BSA Member ID, I can see training he completed in 2019 and also in Apr 2021. If I use the advanced search on that page and use his first name, last name and state (Alabama), I can also find the same training records.

First please do not use Names or give out emails - BSA # are fine.

Training has nothing to do with registration - he was a former Cubmaster - but he has no registrations for 2021

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Right. Thanks for editing my posts, I should have thought of that.

So, how do I get him added to our Scoutbook? We’ve sent his registration papers to Council (twice, I believe). Do we send another batch? Or is there someone there I should contact?

I would reach out to your council registrar to check on the status.

@JacquesBlaauw - word to the wise on new leader registration. If I have a parent that has been a lion or tiger adult partner I capture that MID on their adult application and note that it is an existing mid without current expiration. I also send out an email to the registrar ahead of the submission. For those listed just as a parent, I check in scoutbook to see if perhaps an mid was assigned by going to said parent and edit profile. Now this does not however mitigate the parent who does not know any of this and decides to create an account and take training. For those a merge of accounts and the hammer of thor are needed.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for all the help. I’ve reached out to our council registrar. Hopefully they can help.
I suspect you’re right about the MID and that he probably submitted the registration papers without letting them know that he has previously been registered.

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