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Adult partner having problems accessing their Scouts info

One of my Adult partners is having problems accessing their Scouts account and is not receiving communications from Scoutbook. The Scouts member ID is 13804133.

Is this an issue unique to the mobile app, or is she able to connect to her own account in Scoutbook?

If she can connect to her account in Scoutbook, I believe that she can update her own email address:

https://scoutbook.scouting.org → My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

@RichardStone_Jr this email is fixed - the user has Google Sign in turned on - so they need to be clicking that to get into Scouting systems


She is able to see her Scout in the app, but she started using “log in with Google” and that is when things started to go wrong. Her email is no longer listed in her profile, causing her not to get update via communications. I believe she has forgotten her normal log in credentials.

Richard Stone