Adult registration button missing

What would cause an adult to not have a registration button?

If I send the adult to, he clicks the Apply Now button, but when it takes him to my.scouting it only shows up a Youth application Register Now button. The Adult application is missing.

If we go to and click on the My Application link, it only shows his kids and not himself, so we can’t click a transfer button.

If we go to and click on My Membership, it shows a BSA ID (137124827) and it shows up at the correct council.

He did transfer from another council, but cannot find any history of a previous BSA ID. And he says his current BSA ID still shows old connections to his old unit. He used to be a leader, but we think his membership lapsed. He certainly did not recharter with us, his current unit, and his kids have been in our unit since Oct 2020.


Edit: My council does allow online adult registration, I’ve done it before.

@Yddeyma - some councils DO NOT ALLOW online adult registrations such as mine.

Mine does, or they did as of a week or two ago.

@Yddeyma - then I would suggest you talk to your council about this.

I actually get more help here. This forum has linked accounts, helped removed weird stuff and merged BSA ID s for me. My council doesn’t do those things. This board is a very helpful place! Thanks @DonovanMcNeil and company!

@Yddeyma adult registration is council and the Unit dependent - if unit has it turned off in > Organization manager - then it is off