Adult’s email on scout account

I have a parent that accidentally created an account under is Lion scout instead of under himself. He completed his YPT under his son as well. The parent can’t create an account in my.scouting because his email is already in use. What needs to be done to allow the parent to connect with his scout in Scoutbook and complete training to become a leader. Thank you for your help.

What’s the scout’s bsa member number (no names please)?

137352096 is the Scout’s BSA ID. Thank you for your help!

Dad’s correct Member number is 137352097. I also found 14088137 for dad. Ask your council to retire the latter one or merge it with the former.

I’ll put in a Request on my end to untangle the usernames. I found one account with the scout’s name but the dad’s username and another with the opposite.

Yes, 137352097 is the correct ID for dad. After realizing his mistake, Dad tried to create a username for himself, but got hung up at the email being duplicated. I had asked council to fix the issue, but have not received a response. So, thank you for your efforts. I will pass on to council to fix the IDs.

I got it fixed. He should be able to log in with the username that is the dad’s name and a number. It’s possible he’ll have to reset his password, but try using the one he entered first.

The Dad said it worked! Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it!

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If I have a similar problem should I also ask here?

@JedWhite yes - basically follow the same guidance - post BSA# (no names) - state what issue is

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