Duplicate Account / Broken Accounts

Hi, we’re trying to get a parent account fixed. He’s also registering to be an adult leader, so we want to make sure he’s in good shape before we drop paperwork at the council office later this week.
Youth ID = 135053799 (Thomas)
Mom: Naomi = all good
Dad: Jim/James = has two profiles in scoutbook, both of which seem to be broken in SB & Int Adv. We keep getting error messages when we try to access his profile.
We have an ID number for him: 13405786
But he also recently completed YPT under ID 13505380
Since his YPT is completed under this number, I feel like we would most like to keep that one as his active account.

Can you help us out?

Tim | SM | T111

@TimAlvarado I have merged this parent’s Scoutbook accounts.

Please ask him to log in to Scoutbook again, and that should resolve the error message. He should log in with his my.scouting username – not his e-mail address.

Can someone help please. I have a parent trying to log in to her account tries to reset password multiple times with no help. When I look her up I see there’s 2 accounts 1 with her hyphenated name and one without. When I click on either account I get log in user does not have access to this API. So i can’t see her Member ID number.

Thanks so much, Jennifer.

I see that there is now only one profile linked to the scout for that parent. His profile still does not reflect his BSA ID number, (I think we’re trying to ensure he’s in there as 135053800) and when I try to view him in Int Adv, I get the “user does not have access to this API” message as well.

Something you can help with or provide guidance on?

Dad has confirmed that he CAN login with his username (not email) as you suggested.

@TimAlvarado It looks like the parent has logged in at my.scouting and Scoutbook. I do not know why you are unable to access his profile. His correct BSA member number is: 135053800. (His other BSA member number is missing the date of birth.)

@MariaRivera1 What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

The scouts bsa # is 137340395

@MariaRivera1 she has a user name of (lastname)(firstinitial) - that is the last successful login - has she tried that one?

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