Duplicate parent account & mail issue

Hi! We have a new scout. One of his parents connected his account just fine, the other parent’s account isn’t working so well. the Scouts SB ID is 12746311 (Liam).
Dad: Matt is working fine
Mom: Julie is having issues.

  1. When I send emails via Scoutbook, her name has the “No Emails” message – when she looks in her account, she sees that the opt-out toggle is turned off (meaning she should receive emails)
  2. she also sees a message in SB warning her that there is another account using the same email address, which is making me think that all of this is related to duplicate account issues.

Thanks for your help!

@TimAlvarado that is fixed

I have an adult leader new to our unit that has 2 SB and BSA ID’s. The ID’s used when creating his my.scouting profile are SB 12976023, BSA 14877156. His training is linked to this ID. The other ID is SB 13047215, BSA 140165145. Cn you clear this up for us please? Thanks

@DavidGray4 This should be fixed.

He should log in with his my.scouting username – not his e-mail address.

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