Parent has two BSA Member ID #'s

I have a parent who sent this email:

Could I get the email resent with my scout’s member ID for the scouting app. I have been trying to get into it for the last month and it won’t let me reset my password so I deleted it all and trying to start over however I need my scout’s ID to create it again.

I believe the reference to email is to an invitation to connect email. I checked the parent profile and found that BSA Member ID to be 14048448, and the scout’s BSA Member ID to be 133475769, both of which I sent to the parent, knowing that when the parent account is recreated it would likely have a new member ID.

After the parent recreated the parent account I received a second email that the parent could now login again. However when I went into Scoutbook to check, I found that there are now two accounts with the parents name associated with the scout, the 14048448 ID I originally saw, and 14048446. The parent’s correct email is associated with ID 14048446, and is associated with ID 14048448. I assume these two accounts need to be merged, but could you please take a look and do what needs to be done?


Hi, I sent you a private message about this. Click on the green circle with the S in the upper right, and then the envelope.

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