Adult unable to connect to their Scoutbook account

I have an adult unable to connect to her scoutbook. When they signed up for the Pack, the registrar entered the parent’s name and email incorrect. Then, they were unable to correct it and “escalated” it to National. It’s been 8 months and we still cannot connect. I have been able to change the email address, but even though it looks correct on my end, she does not see any of the emails. How do we address this?

Have they checked in on their ticket to national?

If you post the BSA member number, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

Thank you. #14135592

What is everything before the @ of the email?

I am guessing it is supposed to be the name with an H @DebraArya ? man council could fix that is 10 seconds - but if I am right we can fix it also

@DebraArya Is the first name supposed to start with the letter “M”? Or “H”?

Yes, it is a name with an H but it should be a M. But the email is currently correct, but she doesn’t receive them.

I think I found another BSA member number where her first name starts with the letter “M”: 14241885

That BSA# is not associated with our Pack and I cannot access it.

@DebraArya There are multiple issues. We have a contact in your council who will also take a look.

Thank you. I appreciate all of your help.

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