Adult unable to reset password

I have a parent who is unable to get into SB or reset her password. Council office has been unable to resolve. When I look at her profile in IA, it says her DOB is “invalid date”. Could that be preventing the reset process from being able to trigger? Her Member ID in IA is 140180463. She said she was able to complete her YPT at some point last Spring but once she was added to her youth in SB she was locked out.

Thank you!

Her account is setup to use her Google login ID and password. She needs to click the Google Login button to log in to Scoutbook or

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I found a 2nd account for her with MID 140185727. Neither account has any training taken.

Thank you for the quick reply. She was able to get in now (doh!) Do the two accounts need to be merged? Will the missing DOB impact her when she puts her adult volunteer app in online?

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