Parent Failed to Complete SB Account Setup

I have a parent that claims they used the temporary password to log into Scoutbook after the invite, but then never set a password. I walked them through using the Password Recovery function at, but the process hangs on the step where it attempts to fetch the security questions. Is there any way to reset their security and send them a new invite?

Did they try using the temporary password again?

@CorwinLoreman Could you post the Scout’s BSA member number? We can take a look.

(No names, please.)

He said he couldn’t find it, had possibly deleted it.

The child’s ID or the parent’s?

@CorwinLoreman If you know the parent’s BSA member number, that would be best. But if you don’t know it, we should be able to find it using the child’s.

Parent’s ID is 140481787

The reason why the chatbot password reset is not working is because the user’s date of birth is blank.

If the user is still having issues, your local council should be able to reset the password for him.

We recommend that you have adults create accounts for themselves at my.Scouting instead of creating accounts for them inside of Scoutbook. When units creating accounts in Scoutbook for parents, an account gets created with a blank date of birth.

So when we get a second parent for a kid that wants access we should have them create an account with my.scouting, and then connect them to their kid in SB?

I’ll follow up with my council and have them edit his DOB and reset the password, thanks.

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Yes. However, if you can’t find them, they can connect themselves. They would do this when they log in to Scoutbook:

My Account → My Connections

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Ok, good to know. Thank you.

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