I have parent who cannot log into her account

I have a parent who cannot access her account

Reset email never gets to her email

Go to her Edit Profile page, and please post her userID or BSA member number here.


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Jennifer - I have the same issue with a youth. Can you direct me to the correct resource to fix this?

@RoderickMorgan has the youth been invited by their parent? if so what is the BSA# of the youth?

@RoderickMorgan Does the youth have an account at my.scouting?

Do you mind if I pile on here? I have a parent who cannot login either. They tried to change their password. It indicates they need to answer security questions, but the page never loads. She has attempted on different web browsers. Same result.

Parent BSA#: 13379517
Scout BSA#: 135755570

Thanks in advance for your effort.

@BartonChew have them go to my.scouting.org - they can use the Bot is this picture to get around questions - just tell it forgot password

Thanks. Just curious, will the bot help? Or will it eventually go to a real person to help?

the bot works great will not take 1 minute

I also have a parent who can’t login. BSAID# 13746752 UserID #2446624 They have the same email issue with the changeme email. Please let me know how i get it reset. I have the correct email address if someone can change it on the back end.

This individual has 2 Scoutbook accounts with different last names. This is why the system was not able to match the accounts up.

The other MID is 135402844 which was last registered in 2019. The MID you provided 13746752 has never been registered.

I suggest we merge the SB accounts and that MID 135402844 be retained on SB and Universal Login.


He was able to use the password reset to reset the account for 13746752. Can we merge 135402844 into 13746752 and retain 13746752 as the master.

@DonovanMcNeil @JenniferOlinger
Sorry for the delay. It’s actually my oldest (the shame!). We have tried to reset his password over and over but it doesn’t ever send an email. He has apparently turned off emails from Scoutbook (that’s what we’re trying to fix!)
His member # is 131018421 My primary member # is 131018362 if that matters.

Hi, I also have a parent who is having difficulty accessing Scoutbook. Id is 129449377
Thank you!

@JohnHeibeck John, I sent you a private message for more information. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right corner of the forums. (Yours is a green circle with the “J” initial.)

I have a parent who has had one scout in our boys troop for awhile and no issue. She just registered her daughter for our girls troop. She ended up getting two different userid and BSA #. I am assuming they need to be merged. How can I get this accomplished for her?

BSA # council has to handle - the Scoutbook accounts - if you post the USER IDs (Edit profile) here we can look at them

Here is the old Id.

and new one

She should using the old one.

@DonaldClark_Jr she has logged into the new one more recently and it is tied to her my.scouting account - that is probably the one to keep.