Merge two SB Accounts into one please

Can you please merge the two accounts listed under A.M. She is the parent of C.M. with Troop 483 in Bellevue, NE.
C’s SB User ID: 9722801 BSA Member ID: 136079666

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My daughter just joined a Scout Troop and the Scoutmaster created a Scoutbook account for me. However, I already had a Scoutbook account. I have been involved in Scouting for a long time and don’t want to lose all the data that was in my original account. But, I need to have access to my daughter’s account. The new account that was just created has an SB User ID of 13042596. And the BSA Member ID is 140151510. But, my original account that needs to be the surviving account has an SB User ID of 17269. My last active BSA Member ID was 2220402. Can you please merge these accounts?

And I tried using the Manage Member ID feature on my.Scouting to add my new membership ID but it gives me an error that says, “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile”. Can you please tell me how to fix this? I would like to be able to add my new membership to my existing my.Scouting account. It has all of my records and training.

Thank you!

Hi ,
We have two adults both have 2 BSA ID, can you please merge them ? Thanks

The first adult:
140140351 FEC

The second adult


14511643 FEC
The 2nd adult has the problem in the wrong last name updated in one of the bsa ID.

Pls advice

Besides, once got the new BSA ID from FEC, how to login for the 1st time? Since we don’t have the user ID or the passcode.

Please inform



I’ll look into this for you


Do you currently live in TX or AZ? I see both addresses in your records.


I will look into this for you

In Hong Kong, not is USA

If an adult got the FEC BSA ID which is registered by the FEC, then how to login that account?


The first one is fixed. I recommend going to the user’s profile and changing nickname to something wrong then back to the correct value so that it gets pushed to all databases. His ID is nickname followed by lkc


I sent you a private message on the 2nd case. Please click on the green circle with white K in the upper right corner of your forum window.

Noted the user Id but then ok

I mean ok let me check the message

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The 2nd case is fixed.

@BrianTrimpey I have merged this parent’s Scoutbook accounts.

She has 2 BSA member numbers, and they have slightly different dates of birth (DOB). I would recommend having her log in at my.scouting and check her DOB there. If her DOB is wrong there, then she should contact the local council and ask them to correct it.

I keep getting a message that my email is being used on a different account and it won’t let me access the report I need.

Thank you, I will let her know.

Brian Trimpey
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Your e-mail address was on your children’s accounts. I have removed it.

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I currently live in Arizona. But I think that address is on the newer account. The surviving account needs to be the one with the SB User ID of 17269. Thanks!

@JeremyYoung2 This should be fixed.

Please log in with your my.scouting username – not your e-mail address.