Adult with Two Membership ID's - Can't Merge them

We have an adult who has two BSA ID numbers - one from when he was a youth and one for being a Tiger adult.

He tried to use Manage ID’s but got a message saying the profiles weren’t the same.

His name is (removed by Moderator), pack 257 in NCAC. His correct BSA ID is 14094077. This is the one from when he was a youth, and it is the one that has his YPT.
The incorrect BSA ID is 110197118. This one was created because he was a Tiger Adult Partner.
Any idea on how to resolve this?

@CarolynMiller I am looking in to this.

@CarolynMiller I have done what I can, but you will need to contact your local council for assistance.

This adult leader’s date of birth is missing, but your council Registrar can fix it with their Registrar Tools.

They will also want to look up this leader’s child with their Registrar Tools. In the child’s “Relationships” section, they will want to make sure that the child is connected to the parent with the parent’s correct BSA member number 14094077. The other number belongs to a different council.

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