Need Adult Leader / Parent Combined

I have an adult leader / parent with multiple BSA numbers.

His number as a Committee Member / Advancement Chair is 13331148
His number as a Tiger Adult Partner number is 14354758

Can these be combined to 13331148, which is the number associated with his adult leader status and YPT training.

@MikePierson You will want to talk to your council’s Registrar about this one, because he has active registrations under both BSA member numbers.

Really? I have had the same issue resolved here before…


We can only fix issues when only 1 BSA Member ID has an active registration. When active registrations are on 2 or more BSA Member IDs, the Council first has to fix the registrations so that they are all on a single number. After that is done, we can fix Scoutbook.

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I have a similar problem with one parent who is both the Tiger den leader and a Tiger Parent. The account the Parent has is linked to his YPT and additional training, but he can’t see his den because that is listed under the other Den Leader #. Can these two identities be merged? He’s been trying to get this straightened out for several months now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tiger Den Leader # 14031102
Tiger Parent # 137386836

I had two member ids merged and solved here before…but sounds like we have to go to council which means it will not be resolved till summer, if ever. Which means that person can’t in function their full capacity online as den leader or advancement chair.

We have regular issues with registration and they are never really ever resolved after asking our council – it is basically a dead end (at least in our council).

@MikePierson I have done what I can to fix your adult leader’s Scoutbook access. However, he still has registration issues that we do not have the ability to correct.

You might need to wait overnight for his position to sync over into Scoutbook.

@CarrieKnapp I have merged this leader’s Scoutbook accounts. You might need to wait overnight for everything to sync up.

However, you should contact your local council and ask them to put all of his registrations under a single BSA member number.

I am having the same issue with a den leader. The number I have on my roster is 12912318 but her YPT training is under number 14634950. Can these be merged?


@LeahBorst I’m going to send you a direct message

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