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Try OA-BSA.ORG. Thar is the National site we all have to follow and that rule has been in effect for at least 2 decade.

Yes, I am fairly familiar with the national OA website. Having looked in the Guide to Unit Elections and the Guide for Officers and Advisers (both from the OA website), I am unable to locate any requirement relating to “two years since the preceding election” in any of the eligibility requirements. Perhaps the rule to which you are referring was eliminated at some point?

Please cite the specific source to which you are referring and the actual text of the rule, not just a general “look at the website”. If you’re correct, I want to know where it’s documented so I can review it and apply it correctly.

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@PatrickSakurai - I have never heard of your 2 year rule. You are going to have to provide proof that claim. We have elected adults every year as long as there have been adults eligible.

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Patrick may be referring to the rule that a Scout’s name cannot be placed on the ballot for a new election during the period while they are a candidate and eligible for induction. It is addressed under Candidate Status in the “Guide for Officers and Advisers.” This was not an issue when the time limit for being inducted was one year. When National extended the time in which a candidate had to complete induction to 2 years from the date of election, it became an issue, especially in units where the same Scouts were being repeatedly elected as candidates but never got inducted. My Lodge had me write the National OA Committee Chairman and National Director about this in 2020 and received confirmation that a youth who is elected, or an adult who is selected, as a candidate is not eligible to be elected/nominated as a candidate until their current period of eligibility for induction has expired.

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Are we talking about the camping having been in the last 2 years? Yes, they had been a long standing requirement. 30 years at least.

Clip from Guide to Officers and Advisors…

It references page 19 of the"Guide for Officers and Advisers," revised 2019.
And if you search on the site, Requirements for election, Those have’t changed any except recently for Covid issues, doing elections virtually. Requirements are the same for Scouts as well as for Scouters. Just Scouters do not have the rank requirements. I am a Vigil Honor Member and still active at age 77 in my council. I have been an OA member since age 12.
I hope that helps.

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Your link returns dozens of results, so I’m not clear to which one you are referring. Perhaps linking to the actual page you found using the search rather than simply the search results in general would be more valuable.

In any case, here’s page 19 of the 2019 Guide for Officers and Advisers, and I see no reference to two years on it.

As @Matt.Johnson (and I believe I) noted, the camping requirements are the same for both youth and adults, and must have been qualifying BSA camping in the two years preceding the election, not “two years from the last election” as you had written.

I can’t tell whether we are agreeing or disagreeing on what the requirements are since I still can’t find what you’re actually talking about based on what you’ve provided.

@ThomasHolmes2 might be onto something, assuming that we are talking about adults who had been nominated and approved by the lodge to become candidates, but had not completed their ordeal. Nevertheless, those adults would not subsequently need to be re-nominated, as they had already been nominated, approved and, based on the extension of eligibility to complete the ordeal issued by national, would still be active candidates. The rule on page 19 simply says that they may not be nominated more than once per year.

Yes, 2 years FROM the election. Not “since last election”.

Sir, I’d first suggest as a member become active in your lodge and maybe volunteer to be an adult for the election team. And take a course in basic I.T. Computer Operation. I am also retired IT Pro with 20 yrs experience starting in the days of the IBM 370 series, but keep up with tech since we have the need. As many replies have been posted on here to back the statement. I don’t believe it is necessary to quote the document Experience as an adult ACTIVE member will demonstrate and be a teaching device. As an SM or even ASM it is a busy position but I am winding down my Scouting career so am turning over the lead to other leaders in my council /Lodge/Section. I am not trying to put you down, but point out where to gain the knowledge. Experience teaches us all.

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