Adults w/ expired YPT missing from Roster, but still found in Recharter

I have 2 leaders with expired YPT (MID: 116132330, MID: 12459253). Both have disappeared from my roster in both and Scoutbook. This removes my visibility of who needs to renew YPT. When I “validate” my roster in Recharter, both adults are shown in the Warning message as expired and I cannot continue. If I go back to my roster in Recharter, they are missing here also, so I cannot “remove them from recharter” if I wanted to.

So they show on NO Roster - but they show under recharter warning?

missing from all Rosters, Training Report, YPT Report, but are in the pop-up window when I Validate my reacharter.

What is your MID? @JillBarr

BSA Member ID 108526681

@JillBarr When developers looked at this they saw the users in recharter for you to remove? can you check again please

Both adults are now back listed on the roster in Recharter (with the expected RED exclamation mark). Are adults now automatically removed from my.scouting/Scoutbook when their YPT is expired? If so, they then YPT EXPIRED/NEVER TAKEN REPORT is kind of useless. If it was not recharter season, then I would have no way of getting any information on who is expired. THANKS for you help!

not removed from the my.scouting or Scoutbook rosters that i’m aware of.


Some Councils are suspending leaders when their YPT expires. When they do this they are removed from the and Scoutbook rosters.

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At the beginning of the year National told councils to end registrations for adults if YPT expires


Yesterday evening, district staff sent out emails saying Michigan Crossroads is ending membership for all adults w/ expired YPT. Instructions have users emailing council a copy of their completed certificate to get re-enabled. I get the reasoning, but more surprise changes, with more non-automated processes, and no way for unit leaders to see who has been dropped, only makes me sad.

It is too bad it is sprung on people and not say, “starting 1/1/23”.

There is a tool, though. For key 3 in my.scouting there is a report called “record of change”. Menu>YourUnit>Roster>Reports.

The Record of Change report will give you a detailed list, for the date range selected, of all registration changes such as, new enrollment, transfers, drops, multiples, transfers etc. This report will report the members name, unit and status code.”

Maybe this report is better:

The Record of Change Report - Adults, will give you details for all changes to adult registration within the dates selected, of new, dropped and transferred Adult volunteers. It will report name, unit and status.

RECORD OF CHANGE REPORT - ADULTS does not list my recently dropped (suspended) members. :frowning_face:

That is crazy! I wonder if they were dropped in a “non-standard” way that then breaks stuff like that report. So that would be a big imho, but if someone “hard removed them” vs using standard tools, I guess it could brake stuff. Ugh!

It might be a bug in the report.

Could they have added another status? like “suspended”? and the report only looks for “dropped” or “added”?

I suspect the report is not picking up “suspended” adults because the adult’s membership is not ended in Akela. When suspending a user, the IsCurrent field in Akela is being changed from Yes to No but the expiration date of the membership remains and the member is still technically on the Akela roster. I suspect the change report is looking at members that were on the Akela roster last year but not this year.

I recommend asking your Council to open a ticket with National BSA IT to have the change report fixed.


@edavignon So, 2 expired YPT leaders. Due to expired YPT, I put an end date in Scoutbook for their positions and based on that, they removed off the Scoutbook leader list. They are still in Internet Advancement and on YPT report through IA. Council said they could come off IA at Recharter.

However, as of 11/11/2022, both expired leaders are back as leaders in Scoutbook with the position newly opened on Scoutbook as of 11/11/2022. The note says, AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert YPT is still expired for both.

What needs to be done to ensure they do not pop back on Scoutbook?

@DonovanMcNeil can you share the document related to this comment?