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Advancement Chair not can't see reports

The change over the weekend I can’t run advancement reports now. I have a BSA number and my positions were set to end on 4/12/21.

Following as I’m having the same issue. My BSA member # in SB is 13143585.

@KrisMullinax you have no registrations under that number

This story was thoroughly tested before release - if you lost your Scoutbook position it most likely means you have a wrong BSA number in your Scoutbook account. A Key 3 (or K3+3) from your unit can look at my.scouting.org > Roster > to get the BSA # you are registered under - IF you are registered

@LindaKendrick you also have no registrations under your current login

Both BSA # are the same in SB and myScouting BSA #12481149

@LindaKendrick did a Key 3 look at it - or did you login to my.scouting.org yourself and saw the number? All the system shows you as ever being is a Lion Adult & Tiger Parent

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil. I will follow up with one of our 3 K3s and will reply back here with the rootcause and resolution.

If you log into my.scouting, go to your profile, and scroll down on the page to see registered positions.

Short update: my unit committee chair checked the unit roster in my.scouting.org and confirmed I am NOT on it. She is contacting the council Registrar to rectify.

FYI: the SB Change Log post entry “April 12, 2021 Scoutbook Updates - Adult Leaders]” is really helpful as well.

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Help please with same topic, different troop

My Advancement Chair no longer has access to see or update advancement for our troop after the latest Scoutbook update.

His Member ID is: 135008195

I am the COR and have just checked the roster on my.scouting.org and he is registered and has current YPT. I was the CC and handled the recharter for 3 years prior and can attest that he has been registered in the troop with that Member ID for years. However, when I try to add him as a leader, the search by member ID, email, and name yields nothing (lots of people with the same name, but not our committee member).

He made a new Scoutbook profile for now, but it does not allow adding or modifying his position as I can do with other adult leaders. When I look at his self-created profile there is a blank shaded field for BSA member ID, but has a “user ID” of 11745612.

FYI he used to have another Member ID linked to his my.scouting.org which was used to complete 22 different trainings but it was supposedly merged after 2 years of asking our registrar for help. The name had a typo which could never be corrected but it automatically showed up in our Scoutbook one day. It does not show in Scoutbook currently and wasn’t used for registration or rechartering because of the typo.

Retired Member ID: 12749717
and its associated “user ID”: 2042809

Please advise how 135008195 can be assigned as Advancement Chair.


@RoseC-A BSA member number 135008195 should be fixed in Scoutbook now.

Please ask your Committee Member to log in at my.scouting with his username and password. Then log in to Scoutbook with the same username and password.

I also am unable to access advancement / award reports in ScoutBook. Any advice?

@JoanSturdevant - you do not have a current Registered leader position with the BSA

I am also having some issues with our leadership after recent changes.

Our advancement chair is no longer able to access their items we recently changed it from who it is currently to our new person but it seems to have reverted.

our advancement chair should be User ID: 1180227

Also our Committee Chair has also been reverted to our previous one the committee chair should be User ID: 266883

#1 - if this is Gorski - they have not been registered for 2-3 years
#2 - if this is Jaschke - they are CC in SB but it is user 10355664 - I can merge the 2 in a few

@AaronTucker1 Jaschke needs to use kjaschke and password from my.scouting.org to log in to Scoutbook

Gorski was registered during our last recharter and her application was turned into council (Denver Area Council) months ago.

@AaronTucker1 I do not see one - even searched just last name and DOB nationally - talk to council - or see if a K3 sees something at my.scouting.org > Roster

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