Advancement Chair Permissions in Scoutbook

Does the Advancement Chair need “Full Control” to assign a Scout to a Merit Badge Counselor in Scoutbook. It appears, when I removed her Troop Admin Access (which allowed Full Control) it removed the ability for this position to accomplish this task.

@rachelmoney - so I would ask why the removal? The removal of anything has its implications as you have now noticed. You can though re-add those permissions.

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Understand, but trying to limit who has “Full Access”, that doesn’t seem like the right workaround. It seems like position access should allow this for the Advancement Chair in my opinion.

@rachelmoney - if you want to limit the advancement chair, you could have it set to view profile and edit advancement.

That is what she has now. The specific request/issue that I’m trying to resolve is that this does not allow her to assign (make a connection) between Scout and Merit Badge Counselor which is a required component of her role I need help resolving this particular issue.

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The ability to change connections requires Edit Profile. There is not much difference between a user with Edit Profile/Edit Advancement than Full Control. Since the BSA makes advancement chairs indicated in Scoutbook Admins, I see no reason to change the permissions on your advancement chair. In fact, best practice is for the Advancement Chair to be indicated as such in


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