Advancement Chair try to access each scout's record

Dear BSA,
In the scout book, I am the role of Advancement Chair. Unit Administrator said she already granted all the roles/permission to me. I still can’t edit each boy’s advancement record. What am I missing here.

Thank you very much,


Are you listed as Advancement Chair in my.scouting?

having the roles has nothing to do with your connection to each scout - that also has to be established

Thank you for the reply. I tried to connect with everyone. But no parent reply me. Is there a easier way to get connection from administration level? it is more efficient this way?


It does not appear that one of your unit Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep) has made you Unit Advancement Chair in One should go to the Roster in, switch Position Manager then select the Functional Roles tab. The day after you are designated Unit Advancement Chair you will be made a Unit Admin in Scoutbook and connected to all of the Scouts.

Thank you so much. Let me ask my committee chair for that.

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