Unit Advancement Chair not linked to scouts

I have recently taken over as advancement chair for 2 troops. The Committee Chair changed my role in scoutbook to be Unit Advancement Chair for each troop. For one of the troops, I am connected to all the scouts and can do the usual advancement chair tasks. For the other troop, I am only linked to my daughter and a scout I worked with as a merit badge counselor. How do we get this fixed? I have 2 BORs coming up this weekend, as well as a COH in 2 weeks.

@JohnArthur - was that position set for you in my.scouting.org organizational manager > functional roles ?


Ask a Key 3 member to log in to my.scouting.org, and make you Unit Advancement Chair on the Positions Manager tab of the roster tool. 24 hours later you will be made the UAC in Scoutbook and be connected to all Scouts. Your UAC roles in both troops ended on 12/31/23.

Note: The recharter for the girl’s troop is marked as On Hold and Manual Pay so it has not been processed for 2024. This may prevent you from becoming UAC until after the charter is posted. Your Committee Chair can find out the status and why it is still on hold from your Council office.

@JohnArthur While you are waiting on the G troop’s recharter to get posted, you can also ask your Committee Chair to make you a Troop Admin in Scoutbook.

If you only have the Unit Advancement Chair role in Scoutbook, you need to be manually connected to all Scouts in the troop with Edit Advancement permissions (or higher).

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