Can't link to Scouts

Hi, I’m an Assistant Scoutmaster, Advancement Chair, and parent. I have 2 sons in the Troop. I can see a list of registered Scouts in Scoutbook, but I can only access one of my sons and none of the other Scouts, including my older son. As a result, I’m tracking merit badges in an Excel spreadsheet on my computer. Any help would be appreciated.

Your unit needs to establish connections for you in Scoutbook - the easy way it to make you Unit Advancement Chair in Functional Roles in Roster. Or to make you a Unit Admin in Scoutbook.

On your Scout you are parent of - go to your account > My Connections > at the top there is a link to “Connect as a parent”

Thanks. Connecting as a parent worked!

I’m already listed as Advancement Chair in Functional Roles in my.scouting. I’ll talk with our Unit Admin about actually making that function. Might be back on this board if we continue to have trouble.

@BenjaminAndrews1 It is odd, but you have the Unit Advancement Chair functional role at my.scouting, which should automatically make you a Troop Admin in Scoutbook. However, your Troop Admin role in Scoutbook is missing.

Ask a Troop Admin to add you as a Troop Admin in Scoutbook, then you should be all set.

Thanks. Can I be a Troop Admin if not a Key3? i.e. is there a limit to number of Troop Admins?

Unit Advancement Chairs and Key 3 Delegates (functional roles at my.scouting) are supposed to automatically be unit Admins in Scoutbook. I do not know why you are not.

@JenniferOlinger Thanks. I’ll update this thread once I get feedback from our Troop Admin.

I also setup a sync to see if it comes in like it is supposed to

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