Advancement Chair, Unable to Enter Advancements

Hello, recently, my login became unable to enter any advancements for our pack (3978). When I click on the “Percent Complete” or individual check boxes, I am no longer able to select a date and mark as recorded/awarded, etc. The only scout in the pack that I can add advancements for is my own Son. All other scouts do not work, even if my connection is listed as “full control”.

In reading through the posts, it sounded like I might need to check a box on my position assignment, but when I navigate to “My account” and “My Positions”, clicking on the “Unit Advancement Chair” does nothing.

I’m also listed as a pack Admin, and a committee member, and both the Scoutmaster and I have tried to resolve with no success. Please Help! MemberID:13296086 UserID:9993937

Check with your council Registrar. The registration for member ID 13296086 has elapsed.

Once your council registration is showing as current the assignment as the unit advancement chair my need to be reset on the myScouting tools site by one of the unit key-3 leaders.


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