Advancement coordinator cannot get into scout's advancement records

I am the advancement coordinator and committee chairman for troop 801 in Myrtle Beach, SC. I recently lost the ability to see scout’s advancement records. I added myself as an admin and am still having the same problem.

@JenniferKuperman everything looks fine? what happens when you click on a scout?

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It says that Error, logged on user does not have access to youth’s advancement record.

Oh that is IA - yes it is a known bug - can you still access stuff even though it says that? most can. you can also use instead

@JenniferKuperman You had the wrong council set in your Scoutbook account. I have fixed it.

If you could wait about 30 minutes, then please try again.

I was able to locate it through the other link. I still can’t in my scouting. Thanks!

@JenniferKuperman - there is no link to or from within

Well i totally messed that up. Thanks @JenniferOlinger for noting that bsa web links. Shows you how often i am in looking for IA.

There is a way to get to Internet Advancement by going through my.scouting:

Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

This is the path that I usually take to get to IA 2.0.

@JenniferKuperman As Committee Chair, you should be able to access your Scouts’ advancement at IA 2.0. The functional role of Unit Advancement Chair (UAC) has fewer permissions than Committee Chair, although it shouldn’t hurt to have it.

Could you specify exactly what you are trying to do and the path you are taking to get there?

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I am unable to access the Scouts’ advancement using

Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

I am able to add advancement information but not see any scouts’ advancement info. In the past I could always see their advancement info. I’m not sure what has changed.

I can see their advancement info using the link.

@JenniferKuperman - perhaps some screenshots as i am not understanding your post.

IA does not cleanly show all advancements at once for a scout yet


Thank you! Will it show with the link for just the advancement coordinator? I am also the committee chair.

Yes, you should have access to that in Scoutbook if you have the right permissions.

Within Internet Advancement, going to reports, some people have access to the history reports, which may also meet your needs.