Advancement Data after a Troop doesn't recharter

We have 4 Scouts who want to join our Troop this month. They belonged to a Troop in a nearby city but that Troop shut down at the end of December 2019. My question is does Scoutbook keep the Advancement records from that Troop? Three of the 4 are Life Scouts and want to get to Eagle rank in the next 6-12 months. I thank, in advance, anyone who may shed some light on this and/or Advancement report retrieval processes. Nick Brenon Troop 2, Seaway Trails District, Longhouse Council

Well it depends - now yes - if it was before all scouts got in SB which was a few years ago (as this is) maybe - it all should be in AKELA though - if you post BSA numbers (no names) we can tell you

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Or an ADMIN can go to Dashboard - click reports > Scout History Report > use MID and Last name to pull a report on Scouts to see

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