Advancement not transferred for Scout transferred from another Troop

I have a Scout who was transferred to our Troop from another Troop in our District. He has appeared on our roster, Scoutbook and Internet Advancement but his year of membership and advancement records from his previous Troop have not transferred. In Scoutbook his current rank is listed as “No Rank” and in IA his last rank approved is listed as Arrow of Light. He transferred to our Troop as a Tenderfoot with several merit badges and his previous Troop assured me that they recorded his advancement in December.
His Cub Scout record with Arrow of Light did transfer into Scoutbook but according to Scoutbook (and Internet Advancement), he had no previous Troop activity.
I could enter his past advancement all over again but I’m mostly worried that this will cause problems when this Scout reaches the rank of Eagle. He will have earned both Tenderfoot and Second Class without officially (in Scoutbook) being a member of a Troop.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Sounds like his last troop was not entering things in the National system

Or that he might have 2 BSA member numbers.

Eagle verifies do not have access to date joined or membership info, and in Scoutbook/IA ranks are not connected to units - they just look at dates. So if it is in Scouts book and you believe they completed it you could just enter it

I would recommend calling your council first. Ask them to check and see if maybe he has a duplicate account.

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