Problem updating advancements

My pack is new to using scoutbook and each time anyone (Cubmaster, admin, parent) tries to update advancements it redirects us back to our dashboard.

Example: went to a scout working on Webelos rank, attempted to click on First Responder to mark off completed achievements and it redirects me before it even opens to First Responder.

Check that scout’s membership. Do you have more than one entry under current membership?

Also, are your Cub Scouts assigned to dens in Scoutbook? Scoutbook uses the den to tell which set of requirements a Cub Scout should be working on.

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@StaceyWitsman - if you wish i can do a screen share I can set one up to take a look. Please email and we can give it a try.

Thank you!!! That’s was the problem, I didn’t have the dens set yet.

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