Advancement Report for Scout

I’m trying to run an advancement report for an individual scout but I keep getting the following message:

"The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (112).

ref: PD-20231210160629-915868-202971"

@PaulWelch1 not sure what you mean - there is no advancement report option once a scout is selected?

@PaulWelch1 What is the Scout’s BSA member ID number?

(No names, please)

@PaulWelch1 - or do you mean the advancement history report for a scout ?

I’m getting the above error message when I try to run an advancement report for a scout - but I think I have a finger on the issue.

@PaulWelch1 You should be able to run the report for your own child. However, if it is for a Scout who is not your own child, then it will depend on your connection to that Scout.