Advancement report: some names/dates empty

I ran an advancement report today to go do a purchase. For several of the items on there, the scout name and date are blank – although the scout ID does show up. I looked through to find out who was missing and found that it was for a single scout (he has 3 items on there).
When I try to run the advancement report, it shows a name error and refuses to run, although I was able to run it successfully by editing and removing those lines - but that means that that scout will not get his items at the court of honor.
Any ideas on how I can fix this?
thanks in advance

you can always hand write them into the advancement report so you can purchase the items. Explain to them what happened.

Would you send me a copy of the report that shows the member ID but not the Scout and the name and Member ID of the Scout to: ?

This is from Internet Advancement, Right?

Ah, great to know - I will definitely write it in on the report.

Yes, Internet Advancement.

I just sent you two screenshots. (The report itself won’t generate and complains about the missing names.)

thanks for your help.

This should be resolved now