Scout missing BSA ID, not showing up on advancement report

We had a court of honor tonight and a boy did not get recognized.
It turns out he did not show up on the advancement report even though he did have a rank advancement and several awards.
Digging further, he does not have a BSA ID in scoutbook, which I’m guessing is the reason.

Any ideas on:

1- how to make sure we get all scouts with advancements in the report (I’d hate for this to happen again.)

2 - how to get his BSA ID attached to his account in scoutbook? (the field is greyed out in his profile page).


@NathanBlaylock if a key 3 looks at and Roster what is the BSA# for the Scout there - post just that and we can take a look here

Thanks. It’s 133608922

@NathanBlaylock when you go to that Scout in Scoutbook - go to Edit Profile and get the Scoutbook User ID at the bottom of that page and post it here please

It is 1692971
I noticed his BSA ID is in scoutbook now as well (it wasn’t when I posted this) – I’m not sure if you guys fixed it, or if council did (I know his dad stopped by council this morning).

So, this is working for this scout now.

Any suggestions on how we can avoid this happening in the future?

Well when I looked at it I saw the MID but no other accounts - so I have no answer

I wonder if some sort of warning in Scoutbook would be appropriate, if any scouts don’t have a BSA ID recorded…

Or could internet advancement show a warning when the Advancement Report is generated, that scout X couldn’t be processed because they don’t have a BSA ID in Scootbook?

just thinking out loud here.

If a BSA Member ID is missing in Scoutbook, there will be a yellow banner and message that the Scout could not be found on the unit roster. The Unit will not be able to approve any advancement for this Scout.

That wasn’t our experience. In this case, we were able to input and approve advancements for this scout even though the ID wasn’t there. The only problem was that those didn’t show up on the advancement report.

That sounds like a bug then. A Scout without a BSA Member ID cannot be matched with the official roster. We will notify the developers.

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OK, great. Thank you.