Advancement Report Timing Out - Generate Report on All

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@DavidGreenlee - are you referring to the Individual Advancement record

Yes. It’s the Individual Advancement Report (IAR). Most of the time when I request one it times out and gives me a “Whoops” type message. Occasionally it works. It doesn’t matter if I request it for one Scout or the whole troop of 37 Scouts. None of the other options I’ve been offered to get the data are really a suitable replacement for this report.

In the past this has worked 4 of 5 times you run it. (1 of 5 runs times out with Whoops message) It seems to work better if you select only 4-5 scouts versus all 20 for me - however I have not been able to fully correlate that. In the last week it has pretty much quit working. I would suggest this needs a fix urgently. This is one of the best reports you can run in scoutbook and we use this heavily to validate what is officially recorded for each scout versus what they have in their handbooks.

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