Advancement Reports Broken Part II

I am having the same issue as @RichardHall reported in Advancement Reports Broken thread. Unfortunately that topic is now locked and not accepting any replies.

In that thread, though, moderator @ZacharyMcCarty reports that the issue may now be fixed. What is the resolution?

Thank You!

@BrianGanoe just confirming, are these reports accessed specifically from Commissioner Tools in My.Scouting?

Which report?

What is your registered Commissioner position (and does it show in My.Scouting)?

Yes, commissioner tools in my.scouting, specifically the advancement reports under commissioner tools. I am an ADC, and yes, it is reflected in my.scouting.

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Thanks @BrianGanoe. Checking with the developers with troubleshooting. Double-checking if this is related to the previous issue. If not, I’ll reach out for more info.

These reports were fixed but have now suffered regression and are once again broken.

@BrianGanoe and @RichardHall a fix was pushed today for these reports. Can you try once again? Also, these reports are position-driven, so if your Commissioner positions expire, they will fail to work.

Appears to be working again.

Sounds good @RichardHall

Thank you for your assistance, @ZacharyMcCarty, I am now able to access this report.

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You’re welcome @BrianGanoe