Advancement TXT file will not import

I attempted to import a TM Web 2.0 TXT file this morning. The import fails and there is no explanation as to why it fails. I do know that one of Scouts in this report just turned 18 years old, however all his reported advancement was completed seven days before his birthday. I assume this is not yet a data content error, as the report never gets far enough to be parsed and evaluated for content. What’s my next step?

When I click View Errors, this is the very less than helpful result.

It it immediately fails 99% of the time it is a bad BSA # in the file - check member manager for the accuracy of the BSA numbers @GanttEdmiston

Will check that and report back, thanks

look at Member Manager in my.scouting

Yes. I just downloaded my unit’s youth list from My.Scouting, which includes, among other data, their member ID and name. I made a copy of the advancement TXT file. I imported both into Excel and did a VLOOKUP of the memberIDs in the advancement report, against their memberIDs from My.Scouting. Perfect match. No IDs are wrong. What’s the next step?

are all names exact? any names with a ’ or - ?

@GanttEdmiston I sent you a direct message - you will see it on the top right at your avatar

Thanks Donovan, I sent you a file. No ’ or - in the names.

This has been resolved. It was a corrupted TXT upload file. Suggestion that developers add a diagnostic output on import, that minimally gives some clue on what caused the failed import.
Thanks, Donovan!