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Unable to import Troopmaster txt file into Internet Advancement

I tried importing the attached txt file and got this error message: Advancement import file must be a pipe-delimited text file.

I’ve done this before with no problems. So I’m not sure why I’m having difficulty now.

I exported the attached CVS file and then converted it into a txt file since SB only takes txt files.

OK - I deleted the file for PII - but if you look at it it is Comma delimited - it is the wrong file or TM changed something

the File name is COHExport - the File name HAS to start with “Import”

Thanks for the quick reply. Can you please provide steps on how to fix this the next time I need to import a file? Do I just rename the file so that it starts with import? What is the naming convention? What did you rename it to?

this is a BSA forum not a Troopmaster - I suggest you turn to them. We have no knowledge of that platform.

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@Kristina - I gather you have imported to IA2 recently ? Beyond that the issue is not a MYST one but rather use of Internet Advancement and should be moved there.

Not recently. I think the last time was late last year. Where there a lot of changes for IA2?

no changes to IA2 - I think you are pushing the wrong items in TM

Ok. I’m thinking that I can try to rename the file with “import” and see what happens.

that will not change a thing - the wrong data is in your file

http://www.troopmaster.com/scoutnet.html for the instructions

Thanks for your help. The problem was between the chair and they keyboard!

@Kristina - glad to hear that you were able to figure it out. I know for sure that I am often the root of my tech issues and I am a support tech… so how bad is that :slight_smile:

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