TXT File Import Error Messages

It would really help if the error log that Scoutbook generates on imports of .txt files from 3rd party like Troopmaster would be if in addition to an error message it simply posted as well the record being rejected as it would save time trying to figure out what went wrong.

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This is a great suggestion. I spent about 1 month trying to figure out why my TXT file would not import, since the error message from Scoutbook said literally nothing, other than “Error.”

I finally pinpointed that I had not archived 2 scouts who were 18 years old. They had earned awards prior to their 18th birthdays. We had recently switched from Troopmaster Desktop to TM Web. The Web version was automatically awarding scouts for some National Outdoor Awards that TM Desktop did not include as part of the advancement file. These two scouts were excluded from Scoutbook IA2.0 due to their age. When I excluded them from the TXT export file, everything imported fine with IA2.0.

When you upload a file and there are errors, click on view errors. Don’t try to edit a file from a third party app or create your own.

If it fails at upload - 99% of the time it is a BSA# that does not match one in your unit.
If it uploads and processes you can go in and see the errors in the log

I did click on the “View Errors” and the screen that came up was empty. It said, literally, nothing other than the word “Error.”. I sent screen shots to BSA and they gave me no advice other than look at FAQ and forums.

Glad you found the issue. When people have these issues they should make sure every name and member ID in your 3rd party application matches the name and member ID on your official roster at my.scouting.org. The 3rd party applications don’t check membership, but Internet Advancement does.

As Donovan mentioned that is usually the issue.