Advancements Tab Hidden for Scout

I can see my scouts advancement tab (and his merit badge progress, ranks, positions, etc) when logged in as the parent, and we are connected/linked, but when he logs in to the app as the scout, the advancement tab is missing. He cannot see any of that info on his end in his account.

@MichaelKieloch - are you talking about the scouting app… the red emblem app from the app store? What does he see when logged into

We are having the same issue. We’re you able to resolve?

Logging into - I see no issue from the Scout account

The issue is in the Scouting app. When logged into the Scoutbook webpage with his account he can see advancements, activities, etc. But when logged into the Scouting app he can’t get beyond the main screen with Scouts, Profile, Events, and Settings. Clicking his account doesn’t do anything and has the parent connection info/button. When logged into the app as me (parent/leader) I can see all the options. I have a feeling it is a settings or account link issue in the app but I can’t seem to figure it out. Edit- I posted this while logged into his account.

@LandonTokarczyk logged in as Scout - if you click Scouts does is say add parent?

Yes, logged in as Scout, this is what he sees under Scouts.

yeah my Scout too - think is clue - I handed to Developers

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Exact same issue here.