Calendars and advancement

Maybe I am missing something, if so please explain. If not, this is a fix that’s overdue.

I create a calendar invite. I add invitees. I add advancement steps. I mark attendance. Nothing goes back to the Scouts’ records. If the advancement item is on the calendar item and the Scout is marked as having attended, why is the advancement item marked as completed automatically? What’s the point of doing the advancement steps as part of the calendar if it doesn’t do anything for you on the back end?

There is no fix as this has not been implemented yet.

Advancements are in the calendar purely for planning. It would not be granular enough to handle this Scout coming late and this Scout leaving early, for it to auto-record on attendance

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And at the older Scout level, just being present for something that was planned does not necessarily mean that all of the Scouts completed the requirements. Perhaps some did, but others need more practice. And some requirements might take more than one meeting or activity in order to complete.

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