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After invites to connect, Troop roster is truncated

New to Scoutbook. I’m setup as an admin. I invited all the people on our Roster to connect. I received 9 back right away, but after that our Troop Roster for kids dropped by 5. Supposedly some of those 5 have accepted invitations, but the do not show on the Roster. The other Admin shows the same truncated roster list. Any suggestions? I did try searching but didn’t find anything helpful.
Thank you

explain what you mean by invited all on Roster? Are you talking about inviting Adults?

More specifically Scouts. There are scouts that I can no longer see on our Roster.

@DavidLabbe - could you explain exactly what process was followed.

Probably not, with an accuracy. From my best recollection, I went in and created a patrol. Then I moved the boys from the troop roster in the patrol. I then went into connections manager and attempted to connect to them. (It appeared I needed to connect with them to be able to do advancement).

What is your position in the unit?

Troop Admin, Committee Member, Unit Advancement Chair

go to Dashboard > My Account > My Connections - Do you see the Scouts there? can you click on them and see their membership? If so you can add them back to unit. If not you will need to send an email to

There is a bug that is being worked on where Admins do not have connections to scouts and this it what it sounds like in this case

I do not see the Scouts there. Thank you all for the help. I will message support.

From your unit roster click your name > your positions > the Troop admin position. Click update. That sometimes refreshes things.

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