Age restrictions for emails to Scouts with own SB account?

What are the age limitations for Scouts with their own SB account from receiving emails via SB events or messaging?

Trying to setup our Scribe whom is 12yo to enter calendar events. Parent said there was a limitation of 14 yo from receiving emails for the events.

Interesting enough somehow the Scout is able to send me a message through SB that cc’d his parents.

I added an email to my son (12 at the time) and it worked just fine. We do not use the calendar and events on Scoutbook for our troop though.

Thanks I should have also state the Scout is not showing up under Send message like other older Scouts .

Not many in out unit use Scoutbook other than advancement(SM/ASM or Adv chair) or messaging from Troop leadership to parents.

Then the parents did not setup account or Scout did not accept it

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There is no “age limit” set by national. It is up to the parents. To enter calendar events, they must be given the leadership role of “Calendar Editor”. We have done this for the Scribe, SPL, and ASPL.

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If either of those is true, can the Scout still send me a message?

I received an email message from the Scout via <First.Last> via Along with Scouts parents CC’d

Correct. The parent said it looked like the Scout could enter the events. The issue is with the email notifications the SCout doesn’t receive.

Can you provide the scout’s bsa member number?

ScoutUserID=1604684&UnitID=90262 If you need the actual BSA user Id can get that as well

The Scout with initials LJ does not have an e-mail address in Scoutbook so his parents have not invited him.

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The mother did say he has an email account. However she made mention of age needing to be 13 or under 14 that it wasn’t allowing her to invite him?? This has been back and forth email will try to speak with the parent this evening on the invitation.

@DaveBuckley I sent you a private message.

This doesn’t sound right.

I have scouts in my troop who have Scoutbook accounts and these scouts are 11 years old. Their Scoutbook accounts are less than a year old.

Is the parent confusing age restrictions from an email client like GMail with Scoutbook? I seem to recall GMail putting some restrictions on his email account because he was under 13 when we set it up. That never affected his ability to use Scoutbook.

If this isn’t a bug, I"m curious to hear what the problem ended up being.

SUAC members have been contacting my via private messages after looking up the specific Scout information. Short answer is that the Scout had separate my.scouting and scoutbook accounts. I believe the Scout had a my.scouting account for training(Den chief I believe) at some point prior. However when the parent went to invite them into Scoutbook had some issue. Somehow a second account was created for it. Not totally certain what was configured with each account type and/or what the proper SB invite process is in case. Hopefully we can get these duplicate accounts consolidated to allow SSO.

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Internee age restrictions

In addition to BSA youth protection rules and methods there are legal issues.

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