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Scout age restrictions for Scoutbook login and email communications

I am looking for some direction. I have a Troop committee member that insists that scouts under 13 cannot have their own login and email. She states that the SPL or PLC can not use Scoutbook to email everyone about activities. I have not found anything to state one way or the other for a ruling. I have tested it with my own cub scout. When I invited him to join Scoutbook, his account became linked to mine. All emails sent to him through Scoutbook also come to me. I think she is incorrect. Does anyone have experience with this type of topic? Thanks.

Scoutbook requires the parent to invite the Scout. Scoutbook does not place an age restriction on youth.


Your committee member is talking about COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) requirements, which BSA systems address by only allowing parents to create accounts for youths.

There was a ton of talk about this over the past two popcorn seasons in Councils using Trails End, since their new app required Scout accounts, and many Popcorn Kernels wanted to just steamroll through and create accounts for all their Scouts.

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