Aged out Scout still showing up on Family Roster

My aged out Eagle Scout whose memberships have been ended is till showing up on my Family roster.
The old folded troops number shows at the top of page and troop he eagled from processed recharter and didn’t re add him like expected.

yes that is how system works - you can go to my connections and turn off the parent check box for the scout if you want @JoAnnaCrawford

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Why does he still have an active account though? He is still able to log into Scoutbook just not into IA.

he can log into IA - just nothing to do or see as there is no unit - that is a story in the backlog - his account/user is still there cause that is where all his advancement history is stored

Ok. So I just used the “Clear Old Connections” button on My Connections and that took him off.
Thank you!

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