Removing a Scout

I have a Scout that aged out in December. We completed recharter in January. He is correctly listed on our remove list on the recharter but he wasn’t removed. BSA ID number is 133216692.

@ReneeSeese just put an end date on the Scoutbook Membership

I have three scouts that are no longer with the troop. I ended their membership as well as one of the parents. They did not recharter with the troop. One aged out but two are still under 18. The parents are connected still, but every record of the boys scouting life is no longer visible. All three of these boys are Eagles. A screen shot showed 0% advancement. What happened and how can the history be restored? Thank you

Advancement is based on a membership - families can pull data under Report and Scout History

Thanks. Just so I understand, being the two boys aren’t in a troop-no membership-and the other aged out it’ll show as 0% under the parents account. However they can go into reports menu and pull up Scouts BSA history report with the BSA number and last name and there should be all the data. If the two boys join another troop and get into Scoutbook, it would reactive as normal. Is this correct? Thank you

Well if the parents are SB parents that have logged in - they can go to scout > reports > history to get it

Yes. I believe they are and the screen shots are what I’ve described. I’ll let them know how to get it and what they would need to do.
Thank you again

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